Zhang Yuan believes that the “Shanghai Urban Space Art Season” has become a resounding brand in the art world. It can also see the progress of each session. The works are wonderful, the subject matter is rich, and the planning is ingenious. Especially in the multi-faceted efforts of the Hongmiao Art Center over the years and the support of relevant government departments, the exhibition has become better and better, and it has brought new vitality to the Shanghai art world. According to Jiang Xin, China Culture Media Group has been exploring cooperation with all walks of life. The group has cooperated with professional institutions and professionals such as Shanghai Hongmiao Art Center and curator Xiao Huang to succeed in Novi Sad, Serbia in October. Held a “silent place” – a Chinese contemporary art exhibition on the Silk Road. The exhibition is the first time that Chinese art institutions and artists have been invited to participate in the Danube Dialogue Art Festival held in Serbia. It has achieved good social repercussions and demonstration effects. The Chinese Culture Media Group also hopes that with this result, the future can be carried out with social institutions. In-depth cooperation.

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The marriage of art workers and enterprises embodies a kind of social responsibility and mission, promotes the development of art and enhances cultural self-confidence. It is our common goal. In particular, Li Xiangye has long been unswervingly supporting art. “She always adheres to the belief in art and life, art and city, art and the times, and as a support, it is rare among many collectors in China.”

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